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How To Buy & Bridge Metis From CEXs, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain To Metis Network 🌿

This article is for people who want to get into Metis and use the fantastic ecosystem Metis has on Andromeda Network.

To use the Decentralized Applications on Metis Andromeda Network, we need $METIS tokens on MetaMask on Andromeda Network.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! We have you covered.

[Remember: this is not financial advice! It’s only education]

We will talk about:

  • How to buy Metis on Centralized Exchanges
  • How to get your $METIS tokens from a Centralized Exchange On Metis Andromeda Network
  • How to bridge your $METIS token to Metis Andromeda Network
  • What are the best bridges

How To Buy Metis on Centralized Exchanges

For most beginners, Centralized Exchanges are the best places to buy crypto, but not all CEXs are the same.

Best CEXs For Buying $METIS:

I labeled these 2 CEXs as the best centralized exchanges for buying $METIS because they offer withdrawals straight to Andromeda Network, this means you won’t have to use a bridge. (we will talk about how you can withdraw to Andromeda soon)

However, these exchanges might not be available everywhere in the world and that’s why we need to talk about alternatives.

Alternative CEXs For Buying $METIS:

I labeled these CEXs as alternatives because, as of today, they don’t support withdrawals straight to Metis Andromeda Network.

How To Buy Metis On A Centralized Exchange:

All CEXs have similar user interfaces, and the buying process is the same, that’s why I‘ll ’give you only 2 examples: Examples (from their guide):

Coinbase Example (from their guide):

How To Withdraw Metis From Centralized Exchanges

Now you have Metis on your account on a centralized exchange, to use the DApp on Metis Andromeda Network we will need to withdraw the tokens, and we need to be extra careful.

Before moving forward we need a few things:

  1. Does the CEX we are using support withdrawals to Metis Andromeda?
  2. We need a MetaMask Wallet connected to Metis Andromeda Network
  3. You need to be extra careful because if you send the $METIS token to the wrong address when you withdraw them, you won’t be able to get them back

How To Withdraw Metis From Centralized Exchanges That Support Metis Andromeda Network

This is going to be the easiest and fastest way to get your Metis on Andromeda Network.

Setting Up MetaMask & Connecting to Metis Andromeda Network

Here’s the link for MetaMask:

When you hold your fund on centralized exchanges, that’s not your money anymore. The same with banks, if you hold your money in the bank, it’s not your money, it is the bank’s money.

The only money that’s truly yours is cash.

Cryptocurrency and non-custodial wallets like MetaMask give you full power over your money. So the crypto that you hold on MetaMask is like cash, but digital.

You have full power over them, and if you don’t lose access to that account, nobody can steal them without your permission. I needed to mention “steal without your permission” because there are a lot of scammers trying to help you “validate your wallet”, and all they are trying to do is to get access to your account.

So don’t fall for these attacks.

Set up your MetaMask account and then come back, here’s a tutorial from MetaMask, if you need help:

Your MetaMask will look like this:

And as you can see, you’re connected to Ethereum Mainnet.

We need to connect to Metis Andromeda Mainnet, and we have 2 options:

  1. Add the Network manually, which is not that hard
  2. Or use an application to add it, which will prevent a lot of mistakes

Let’s go with the second option!

We will use:

Step 1: Connect Your Wallet:

Step 2: Search for Metis Andromeda Network:

Step 3: Click on “Add To Metamask”

Step 4: Confirm that you want to add the network by pressing “Sign”, and then press “Switch Network”:

Now your MetaMask will look like this:

Congrats! We are on Metis Andromeda Mainnet!

If you want to see all the networks that you can connect to, just press this dropdown button:

We will stay on Metis Andromeda Mainnet.

Withdrawing Metis From Centralized Exchanges Straight On Andromeda Mainnet

This process is easy!

Step 1: Copy your wallet address by clicking on it:

Step 2: Go on a Centralized Exchange That Supports Metis Andromeda Mainnet on Fund Overview

Step 3: Click Withdraw

Step 4: Select $METIS

Step 5: Select Metis Andromeda Network

Step 6: Paste in here the Wallet Address we copied earlier & introduce the amount you want to withdraw:

After this, you will need to complete some security checks and you will get your $METIS on MetaMask soon.

How To Withdraw Metis From Centralized Exchanges That Does Not Support Metis Andromeda Network

All the steps are going to be the same up to Step 4.

We need to be on Ethereum Mainnet to withdraw to Ethereum, so let’s go on MetaMask and let’s change the network.

Step 5: Connect to Ethereum Mainnet

Step 6: Copy The Ethereum Address

Step 7: Select Ethereum Mainnet

Step 8: Same Final Step

Now you have your $METIS token on MetaMask on Ethereum Mainnet.

We will need to use a bridge.

How To Bridge Metis From Ethereum To Metis Andromeda Network

You have a lot of options for bridges, but I only recommend the Metis Bridge built by Metis themselves:

There are multiple bridges, but they are built by different projects.

If you have any problem with the bridge, and you use any other bridge than the Metis Bridge, the Metis Team won’t be able to help you because it’s not their bridge.

Let’s get into how to bridge!

Step 1: Got on Metis Bridge & Connect Your Wallet

Step 2: Select How Much You Want To Bridge

Step 3: Approve the bridge

Step 4: Wait until the transaction is confirmed, and DON’T LEAVE THE PAGE until it is fully completed.

Step 5: Connect To Metis Andromeda Network On MetaMask

Step 6: Enjoy your Metis!

How To Bridge Metis From Binance Smart Chain To Metis Andromeda Network

The process is absolutely the same as the one for Ethereum, but you will need to use a different bridge.

A good bridge is:

But again, keep in mind that if you have any problem with the bridge you will need to talk with Poly Network because it’s their bridge. Not Metis’!

Step 0: Connect Your Wallet

Step 1: Select Metis as the asset

Step 2: Select “From: BNB” and “To: Metis” because we want to get from Binance Smart Chain to Metis

Step 3: Enter The Ammount and Approve

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