Monkex NFT


01: Decentralisation – Q1 2023

Monkex DAC – Decentralised Autonomous Company will be created in first half of the year of 2023 once Metis will release v2 of DACs with KORIS econode.

02: Multi-chain – Q2 2023

Metis team building very first NFT bridge between Layer 1 and Layer 2. We are going to visit Ethereum and explore Opensea lands with it!

03: Cross-chain – Q3 2023

Swap $MONKEX token on over 20 blockchains!

04: Decentralised Hybrid – Q4 2023

Our vision and mission from day 1 is to become decentralised community project. Metis Safe tech will allow us to create and store Monkex contracts and treasuries under Multi-sig wallet governed by community.

05: Integrations – 2023

We are not stopping anytime soon! New marketplaces and listings of our token and NFT collection. As always a lot of attention going to adoption and partnerships.

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